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Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc                     . 

         A San Antonio, Texas Janitorial Service  

                                                                Dba Cleaning San Antonio

Office Cleaing (San Antonio), Commercial Janitorial Service

Carpet Cleaning, Floor Waxing, Commercial Office Cleaning

Sign your contract up to 12 months before your franchise contract is going to cancel. Call for details


Floor Waxing - Carpet Cleaning - Office Cleaning

All Services* : remove trash, dust flat surfaces, dust blinds, clean restrooms, clean and mop floors, vacuum all carpet.


Custom services: 1 day a week (all services*); 3-days trash only

                                  1 day a week(All services*) ; 2-days trash only

                             2 days a week(All services*) ; 3- days restroom and trash

                             3 days a week(All services*) ; 2-restroom trash

                             5 days a week, all services*

Samples of cleaning combinations this gives you 5 days of service which might fit your cleaning needs better than 5 days of all services


Custom services


Call or use the contact page for a free estimate


Commercial Cleaning Service

Complete  - Quality - Daily - Three days a week - Five days a week -  One day a week will cost more per cleaning than 5 days a week ... Prices vary depending on the square feet being cleaned. Call for an estimate.    

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