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Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc                     . 

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Office Cleaing (San Antonio), Commercial Janitorial Service

Carpet Cleaning, Floor Waxing, Commercial Office Cleaning

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All Services* : remove trash, dust flat surfaces, dust blinds, clean restrooms, clean and mop floors, vacuum all carpet.


Custom services: 1 day a week (all services*); 3-days trash only

                                  1 day a week(All services*) ; 2-days trash only

                             2 days a week(All services*) ; 3- days restroom and trash

                             3 days a week(All services*) ; 2-restroom trash

                             5 days a week, all services*

Samples of cleaning combinations this gives you 5 days of service which might fit your cleaning needs better than 5 days of all services


Custom services


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Commercial Cleaning Service

Small Office cleaning Services and Small office cleaning estimates. We have been doing business since 1989. If you have used a franchise and had issues with the service you notice how they send another crew. Yet both crews invested money in the business and both had the same two week training program. It's wrong to treat investors as employees and this will show in the quality of the service.