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Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc                     . 

         A San Antonio, Texas Janitorial Service  

                                                                Dba Cleaning San Antonio

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Floor Waxing - Carpet Cleaning - Office Cleaning

p><strong>Carpet Cleaning : San Antonio 3 Rooms. <strong>$85.00 in this area 78251, 78248, 78227. </ strong></strong/ strong></p>



All Services* : remove trash, dust flat surfaces, dust blinds, clean restrooms, clean and mop floors, vacuum all carpet.


Custom services: 1 day a week (all services*); 3-days trash only

                                  1 day a week(All services*) ; 2-days trash only

                             2 days a week(All services*) ; 3- days restroom and trash

                             3 days a week(All services*) ; 2-restroom trash

                             5 days a week, all services*

Samples of cleaning combinations this gives you 5 days of service which might fit your cleaning needs better than 5 days of all services


Custom services


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Commercial Cleaning Service

Complete  - Quality - Daily - Three days a week - Five days a week -  One day a week will cost more per cleaning than 5 days a week ... Prices vary depending on the square feet being cleaned. Call for an estimate.    

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