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Floor Waxing - Carpet Cleaning - Office Cleaning

p><strong>Carpet Cleaning : San Antonio 3 Rooms. <strong>$85.00 in this area 78251, 78248, 78227. </ strong></strong/ strong></p>




The appearance of your facility reflects the professionalism of your company. It's your job to see that it's properly maintained. Without question, you need high-quality commercial cleaning done to your Expectations. We are here to help you.  





Office cleaning 2-3-4 or 5 days a week.

Floor waxing

Carpet cleaning

Construction Cleanup.



George Nava




  Floor Stripping and Waxing Estimates upon Request (San Antonio Floor Waxing)

The polymer is a major ingredient of the finish formulation.  The polymer is the main building block responsible for forming the floor polish film "Floor care professionals are very cooperative in teaching us chemists about their floor finish procedures, application methods, and equipment. But most floor care experts that I know are as interested in learning more about the floor finishes they use as I am in learning about their techniques and procedures."by Roger McFadden "CoastWide Laboratories"


Two questions floor care professionals often ask are, 1) what is in a floor finish? and 2) why is it in there?. Let's look at the answers to these questions to better understand how to prevent and solve expensive floor care problems.



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