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Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc                     . 

    Carpet Cleaning- Tile Cleaning - Floor waxing - Professional Office Cleaning  

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26 years serving our city

Carpet Cleaning/San Antonio/Floor Waxing/ office cleaning

Janitorial Services; Office Cleaning Estimate

Doing business as Cleaning San Antonio was established in 1989 as Cleaning San Antonio Janitorial Services Incorporated into Limpiando San Antonio then changed into Advanced Cleaning Samurai inc. George Nava

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Janitorial Services; Office Cleaning Estimate Floor Waxing San Antonio

We have been in business for more than 25 years. Our prices are based on our experience and on our production rate once employees are familiar with the office space thay are cleaning. Our goal is customer satisfaction and competive rates.


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 "a good floor wax will last 3 to 4 years"


Floor Waxing - Over the years I have walked into offices to give an estimate on a floors where the customer had just spent a good amount of money on a floor strip and wax and it was only 4 months ago. There is companies that will tell you they are going to strip and wax and they don't actually do a strip and wax. Green floor waxing, worker friendly no slippery floors from stripper, less splashing lower cost. Water and special pads are used with a o



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