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Sign your contract up to 12 months before your franchise contract is going to cancel. Call for details

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We have been providing janitorial services in San Antonio since 1989.

By George Nava, Jun 11 2017 04:14AM

Using the latest technology we provide the best floor waxing service.

Deep Top Scrub Shiney durable floors. Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. is here to serve you. Using the latest techonolgy and tested procedures and products we are the company to use for floor stripping and waxing. Our deep scrub is like a strip and wax at the cost of a top scrub and wax.

Floors last longer and stay shiney longer when poweerful strippers are not used there is also less mess to walls and furniture. Advanced Cleaning Samurai - Floor waxing San Antonio it

By George Nava, Apr 5 2017 03:48AM

Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. is here to serve you we use the latest chemicals, equipment and industry knowledge to deliver the best possible floor waxing job. Oscillating floor machines are the latest equipment developed for floor waxing. To deliver the best possible job both oscillating floor machines and the most effective floor strippers need to be used. Janitorial companies in San Antonio don't always invest in the best possible equipment to provide quality floor waxing in San Antonio.

Floor Waxing San Antonio

Floor Cleaning

Office cleaning service

commercial floor waxing service
commercial floor waxing service

By George Nava, Oct 15 2016 03:54PM

A Reasonable Estimate Not a Low Estimate

We have been in business for more than 25 years. Our prices are based on our experience and on our production rate once employees are familiar with the office space they are cleaning. Our goal is customer satisfaction and competitive rates.

Get Specifics On Floor Waxing

"a good floor wax will last 3 to 4 years"

Floor Waxing - Over the years I have walked into offices to give an estimate on a floors where the customer had just spent a good amount of money on a floor strip and wax and it was only 4 months ago. There is companies that will tell you they are going to strip and wax and they don't actually do a strip and wax. They run a buffer with a little soap over the floor and apply wax over the old wax. This will look good for a few month then you will be back where you started with dull unimpressive floors.

A good Floor waxing job will last you up to 3 years when cleaned properly a few times a week. They key is to clean it properly. We can help you with that. Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. is here to serve you.

Advanced Cleaning Floor Waxing in San Antonio, janitorial Services San Antonio, Texas also office cleaning esttimates. You should'nt have to wax your floors every four months I can show you how to have clean imprressive floors with out the time and money you are spending on continous re-waxing.

By George Nava, Dec 27 2015 07:30AM

Cleaning San Antonio Janitorial Services

You don't need to be putting up with certified letters for cleaning issues. A phone call about a simple issue should be enough. The aniversarry of the signing of the contract has no business in the JANITORIAL BUSINESS (San Antonio)

Franchise Cleaning services sell your contract for more profit you get stuck with a trainee. So they have the franchisee trapped because he invested serveral thousand dollars in the contracts. They can;t walk away, you can't either, If you must sign the contract then send a notice of you intent to cancel on the aniversarry date of the signing or call us and get an estimate. Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. is here to serve you

Janitorial Services (office Cleaning estimate)

By George Nava, Dec 16 2015 04:03PM

Read your contract before you sign especially the termination clause. You don't want to be stuck in a contract you can't get out of it.

Give your franchise notice of cancellation on the anniversary of the signing. You can send this notice six months ahead or more this way you can get out of the contract with no legal issues......

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