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Doing business as Cleaning San Antonio was established in 1989 as Cleaning San Antonio Janitorial Services Incorporated into Limpiando San Antonio then changed into Advanced Cleaning Samurai inc. George Nava

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We have been providing janitorial services in San Antonio since 1989.

By George Nava, Dec 20 2017 06:43PM

Solution application prior to floor stripping by Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc.

"The other guy"

I often hear about the other guy. The other buy used to never come by and when we called he never called back. The other guy never cleaned the area correctly and his people would run in and out of here.

There are times that Advanced Cleaning Samurai in the other buy after someone cancels our contract. The other guy never missed a cleaning and if his people did'nt show up he would be here doing the work. When the other buy cleaned the floors always looked shiney and clean. When the other buy cleaned we never ran out of paper towels.

We are here to serve you and if you use us you'll never say the other guy after we start.

By George Nava, Dec 5 2017 03:50PM

Cleaning San Antonio offers Quality Low Cost Floor Waxing in San Antonio. Call us for an estiamte at no cost. We have waxed a floors inside Lackland Airforce Base. We accept credit cards and bank drafts. Our Company Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. Dba Cleaning San Antonio is here to serve you.

For Lackland Airforce Base
For Lackland Airforce Base
Floor Cleaning and Re-waxing
Floor Cleaning and Re-waxing

By George Nava, Oct 12 2017 06:19AM

Carpet Cleaning, Floor Waxing, office cleaning, commercial cleaning services San Antonio We also have a blog at

Started as Cleaning San Antonio in 1989 and incorporated into Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. If your looking for some one who will take care of your office and keep it clean call Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. is the Hammer in the Janitorial service call us at 444...44....actually our number is 210.256.8040.

We can take care of all your Janitorial needs. If your feed up with your walls and furnitue getting marked up by extension cords ... baseboards getting torn up ..door frames getting rounded call us we are turning to cordless backpack vacuum cleaners.

The benifits of coredless vacuums is not just to save the cleaning cre time. It saves your office and furniture from damage. Call us now 210.256.8040..

Our advanced floor stripping technology .. call now

commercial office cleaning services

Floor waxing San Anotnio

Carpet Cleaning San Antonio

By George Nava, Jun 11 2017 04:14AM

Using the latest technology we provide the best floor waxing service.

Deep Top Scrub Shiney durable floors. Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. is here to serve you. Using the latest techonolgy and tested procedures and products we are the company to use for floor stripping and waxing. Our deep scrub is like a strip and wax at the cost of a top scrub and wax.

Floors last longer and stay shiney longer when poweerful strippers are not used there is also less mess to walls and furniture. Advanced Cleaning Samurai - Floor waxing San Antonio it

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